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McG Wonderland Sound and Vision company is putting together a a drama project for CBS with some help from The Mentalist executive producer Daniel Cerone. The project is rolling with the title #Resistance and will follow a female vigilante that will actually be secretly working for the police force.

Before we roll into the project details, I’d like to take a moment and talk about the project’s title. I already have a pretty high disdain for McG, so my lingering annoyance directed toward fodder like This Means War could be potentially clouding my judgment. However, the idea of promoting Twitter by creating a title designed specifically to relate to social media and the site sort of feels like it is cheating. While I appreciate implementing technology into programming, #Resistance doesn’t make me think the series is going to be hip or up-to-date in any way. Modern Family and Person of Interest have implemented technology far more effectively, as has the recent flick, Pitch Perfect. You don’t need to hit people over the head with it.

Despite a silly title, #Resistance could have potential, however. With Arrow doing pretty well on the CW and a modern-day retelling of Robin Hood in the works, that sort of justice is becoming popular again, and adding the complicated component of an officer working undercover has real possibility. According to Deadline, Cerone will write the project. With his The Mentalist credit, he’s dealt with breaking the law to serve the law in the past, and, with a female lead, #Resistance could get even more interesting.

If picked up to pilot, Cerone, McG, and Peter Johnson will executive produce.

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