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Steve Harvey and Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez, are finally going to face one another. Harvey hasn’t been in contact with the pageant participant since he made the now-famous flub at the 2015 Miss Universe event. However, this week we learned that Miss Gutierrez has finally made the decision to pop up on The Steve Harvey Show. I’d expect a rather awkward reconciliation, but luckily we won’t have too much longer to see the two converse with one another for the first time since the incident. Miss Colombia is expected to appear on The Steve Harvey Show on January 18.

To be fair, the January 18 episode of The Steve Harvey Show won’t be the first time the Miss Universe pageant host has tried to reach out to Ariadna Gutierrez to apologize. Entertainment Tonight notes that Harvey has been open about striving to make amends for his huge gaffe, to little avail.
I've had a chance to talk to Miss Philippines. I've talked to all the pageant people. I've talked to people backstage. Even me and the director had a long talk, but I haven't been able to reach out and talk to Miss Colombia. Now, have I tried? Yes, but have gotten not a response.

After Ariadna Gutierrez was mistakenly crowned as Miss Universe for a couple of minutes before Steve Harvey recognized his mistake, she’s been rather vocal on social media. At first, she seemed to be trying to maintain a positive face following the ordeal, noting that everything happens for a reason. However, a short time later she stated that the experience was actually “humiliating” and that she would be happy to share a crown with the actual winner of the pageant, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach. (For her part, Wurtzbach has stated she will not share the crown.)

Clearly, the woman waffles back and forth between a slew of different feelings related to the experience, and it should be interesting to see how the conversation plays out between Gutierrez and Steve Harvey. Harvey has publicly apologized and explained the mistake, and seems to feel pretty horrible about the whole thing. With that in mind, it's likely he will be as apologetic as possible in the attempt to put Gutierrez at ease. However, whether Miss Colombia will be feeling gracious or not so great remains to be seen. After all, she was humiliated by the daytime talk show host for several minutes on a live TV program that aired in numerous countries around the world. If you've somehow missed the major flub, check it out, below.

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