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More ABC Pilots Go To Series Including Shawn Ryan's Last Resort, Zero Hour Starring Anthony Edwards

It's been a while since Anthony Edwards appeared on television, and now thanks to ABC, the former ER star is headed back to the small screen in a lead role. Among the latest crop of pilots greenlit to series by ABC is Zero Hour. Also returning to TV in a starring role is Scrubs' Sarah Chalke, who's set to star in How To Live With Your Parents For The Rest Of Your Life.

According to THR, joining the three other series ABC recently green lit are How To Live With Your Parents, The Neighbors (possibly just Neighbors), Last Resort, 666 Park Ave and Zero Hour.

How To Live With Your Parents For The Rest Of Your Life - Let's try to work on a shorter title for this one, shall we? Its present length makes How I Met Your Mother's look like GCB by comparison. Speaking of HIMYM, How To Live With Your Parents stars Sarah Chalke as Polly, a newly single mom who has to move back home with her parents (played by Elizabeth Perkins and Brad Garrett), who are described as eccentric, with possible boundary issues. Long title or not, I love the idea of Perkins and Garratt as a married couple, mainly because I can't picture it at all. Sign me up.

Zero Hour - Written by Paul Scheuring, Zero Hour stars Anthony Edwards as the editor of a skeptics magazine that finds himself caught up in a huge conspiracy. It's hard to know quite what to make of this one based on the vague description, but with Edwards on board, there's likely to be plenty of interest. Also among the cast, Michael Nyqvist, Carmen Ejogo and Greek's Scott Michael Foster.

The Neighbors - Written by Dan Fogelman, this single-camera comedy follows a family that moves into a gated community in New Jersey only to learn that the place is populated by aliens disguised as humans. The cast includes Lenny Venito, Jami Gertz, Isabella Cramp, Clara Mamet and Max Charles. Sounds like Real Aliens of New Jersey. I can only hope that the show lives up to the amusing premise.

666 Park Ave. - While The Neighbors focuses on a gated community full of aliens, this one centers on a New York apartment building where supernatural-related incidents occur. Written by David Wilcox, the cast includes Terry O'Quinn, Vanessa Williams, Dave Annable, and Rachael Taylor. The story, which sounds like it leans toward drama/supernatural-thriller is based on a book by Gabriella Pierce and focuses on a young couple who sign on to manage the building. The cast sounds great and the story sounds interesting enough. We'll have to see how the pilot looks.

Last Resort - This one was high on my list of anticipated pilots, so I'm thrilled to see it made the cut. Created by Shawn Ryan and Karl Gajdusek, Last Resort stars Andre Braugher, Autumn Reeser, Jessy Schram and Scott Speedman, and follows a crew of a U.S. nuclear submarine who refuse to fire their missiles and after being hunted, end up taking shelter at a NATO outpost where they declare themselves the world's smallest nuclear nation. The premise sounds interesting and the cast is great. And then there's Shawn Ryan, who's done great work in the past (including Terriers, The Shield and The Chicago Code). I can't wait to see the pilot and have high hopes that this one's going to do well.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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