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Mr. Show May Be Returning, Here Are The Details

Even though 2015 hasn’t quite gotten here yet, I already feel comfortable saying it could be the greatest year of the millennium so far. At least, if the always amazing Paul F. Tompkins isn’t totally bullshitting us all with the tweet seen below, which teases a possible 2015 return of the iconic HBO sketch series Mr. Show.

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Remember Ellen’s Oscar selfie? That’s completely irrelevant garbage now that we have this incredible feast of comedic talent sitting around a table. A writer’s table, we’ll call it, since most of these guys are writers, and there are lots of pens and paper around.

Who’s all in this gang? Well, that’s the top half of Tompkins’ head at the bottom; and going clockwise, we have Scott Aukerman, Jay Johnston, Eric Hoffman, Bill Odenkirk, Brian Posehn, Bob Odenkirk and David Cross. All of these comedic geniuses served as writers on the influential sketch series, some more than others, and it would be fucking incredible to have them all put together something new for Mr. Show, although I have no idea what would be the best route for the project. A stage show for HBO, or even Netflix? I’ll take anything, really.

The one thing that trips me up here is, despite the “#MrShow” there, he just mentions “something new from the Mr. Show gang,” which doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll actually be tethered to the show. I believe this would count as “mentally brutalizing me” if it turns out they’re just all writing a weird throwaway gag on Odenkirk’s upcoming AMC series Better Call Saul. (But I’d still take it.)

Here’s hoping Tompkins tweets something soon that puts together all of the non-writing actors that filled the Mr. Show stage. A lot of great comics made their way through the series during its four seasons, such as Sarah Silverman, Jerry Minor, Dino Stamatopoulos, Mary Lynn Rajskub, BJ Porter, Jill Talley, Tom Kenny and Jack Black, to name but a few. It would be kind of ridiculous to get all of these presumably busy people together for anything, but it’s all worth it for more Mr. Show.

Talks of a Mr. Show reunion also started up last year, when Cross and Odenkirk released the book Hollywood Said No! in September 2013, which culled together some screenplays for their unproduced movies. (The audiobook version even had cast readings!) But this would likely be the first time all of these guys got together in many years. And Taint nothing wrong with that.

Nick Venable

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