Mythbusters Trailer Takes On Star Wars And Breaking Bad

The Mythbusters will be back in just a couple of weeks with a new batch of episodes, and we now have a sneak peek at some of the material they will be covering. Among their topics for investigation will be more Star Wars goodness as well as at least one Breaking Bad-related myth. Check out the full trailer below.

The trailer opening confirms our belief that nobody else on television is having as much fun as Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman. In addition to the referenced material, the trailer seems to have all of the things that a standard Mythbusters season should include, such as crashing cars, explosions, and guns. It will also feature Adam in what appears to be a sub-orbital flight. While we have no idea what myth they’re testing, we don’t really care; we’re jealous anyway.

They also make reference to Breaking Bad in the trailer voiceover, as well as with appearances from creator Vince Gilligan and star Jonathan Banks. We do not expect them to attempt to produce meth on the show. They'll be taking on the reality behind the remote controlled machine gun in the car trunk seen in the Breaking Bad series finale.

The Mythbusters duo have visited the Star Wars universe before, where they tested Luke’s ability to swing over a chasm with Leia in tow, as well as whether you could successfully crush a walker with a pair of logs. Check out the clip from the first special below with Kari Byron’s awesome Leia hair.

It’s not clear what additional myths they will be going after in this new episode, beyond the previously stated one of the Stormtroopers' sense of weapon aiming, unless the closing scene from the trailer implies they are going to attempt to built actual lightsabers. Probably not.

While the original Mythbusters credo stated that fantasy or science fiction would not be covered on the show (because how do you test it?), after 13 seasons you have to start making some exceptions in order to have new material. Other slightly “out there” material covered on Mythbusters include episodes dedicated to The Simpsons and firs-person shooter video games. And don’t forget the zombies, because at some point every TV show is required to have zombies.

The series will be missing a few cast members from the last time they covered Star Wars, as the “build team” of Tory Belleci, Kari Byron, and Grant Imahara were all still on board back then. It’s been about a year since the three popular sub-busters of myths were let go by the Discovery Channel in an effort to control costs on the aging show. Still, the series is going strong on the power of Jamie and Adam...and also the Force.

Dirk Libbey
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