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With two days until The Muppets is officially released, the Rotten Tomatoes positive critical meter for the film is rolling at 100%. Cinema Blend’s Josh Tyler has given The Muppets a whopping five star review. With that sort of enthusiasm for puppets, it only seemed like a matter of time before a network decided to throw some loveable felt characters onto television. Turns out, NBC nabbed the first bid.

NBC is not new to the puppet game. Back in the eighties, it was the network that sponsored Alf, a program that ran for four seasons before becoming a staple answer on quiz shows like Jeopardy! Now, the Jim Henson Co. has created another show integrating Muppets with humans. Called The New Nabors, the NBC program will follow some humans living in a neighborhood next to some puppets. According to Deadline, Afterlife’s John Hoffman will write the script alongside John Riggi, an executive producer on 30 Rock.

From what I know about Alf, working with puppets is extremely difficult, even in a television setting where you can do take after take. Often, you’ll have multiple people working different appendages and motions on a puppet to get it to look as real as possible. Since television programs shoots for such an extended period of time, puppets may become a tedious pain in the arse after a while. Kudos to NBC for giving the The New Nabors project a shot. Here’s to hoping the project is more of a financial windfall than a real bust.

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