Nathan Fillion And Alan Tudyk's Con Man Is Heading To A New Home For Season 2

At the moment, Nathan Fillion’s regular day job at Castle is going through some changes as news about a potential Season 9 remains just out of reach. But Con Man, his web series side gig with former Firefly co-star Alan Tudyk, is thankfully coming back for Season 2. But that renewal comes from a completely different place than the one where Season 1 was hosted, and Con Man will be moving over to the newly established Comic-Con HQ subscription-based streaming service for a new batch of celeb-filled mini-adventures.

Con Man getting snatched up by Comic-Con HQ makes more sense than MTV getting back into playing music. If you’re familiar with the show, you know that the “con” part of the title isn’t in reference to any deceit or criminal behavior, but rather a convention of the comic variety. Someone should go back in time and tell the Comic-Con guys to get that site up in 2014, so that they could have hosted Season 1 and made the universe a more reliable place.

In the comedy, Alan Tudyk stars as Wray Nerely, the former star of the sci-fi series Spectrum who never quite got out from under the shadow of that role, unlike Nathan Fillion’s Jack Moore, Wray’s former co-star who became a major Hollywood mainstay. (It doesn’t quite mirror real life, but the similarities are obvious.) The show follows Wray as he travels the con-heavy path of the B-grade genre star, getting caught up in one odd encounter after another. The show also stars the hilarious Mindy Sterling as Wray’s agent, and you’ll catch loads of other famous faces throughout the first season, including Sean Astin, Tricia Helfer, Joss Whedon, Felicia Day, Henry Rollins and many more. While not all of the Firefly stars made cameos, some did, and we can probably expect more next season.

The product of a ridiculously successful Kickstarter campaign, Con Man will apparently get up to more of the same silliness in Season 2. According to Blastr, Wray will attempt to make the jump to leading man status, all without trying to alienate his core fanbase and former co-stars, including Jack.

Check out Alan Tudyk’s announcement below.

As you might have heard just then, Con Man Season 2 is in the process of being put together, and it will debut on Comic-Con HQ later in 2016. In the meantime, you can sign up for beta access to the site on May 7, and that’s where you’ll be able to find the entirety of Season 1 starting in June. Until then, you can still find them all on Vimeo. And be sure to see what else is coming in the future months with our summer TV schedule.

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