DirecTV is getting into another original program with Full Circle, a series written by famous playwright Neil LaBute, whose works, including Wicker Man and The Company Men, have been adapted for the big screen in the past. Full Circle will be LaBute’s first foray into the small screen. DirecTV has actually already ordered 10 episodes of Full Circle, similar to how the network handled its original series, Rogue.

Full Circle actually sounds like a pretty high concept series. According to EW, the project will follow a large ensemble cast of 11 people who will, in some way or another, have lives that are “intertwined.” These people will not know how their lives connect—which should be half the fun of the series to see how things play out. LaBute is on board to write and co-executive produce, while Rogue’s Nick Hamm will executive produce the series. Full Circle should head into production soon and a premiere is being eyed for the fall.

We’re living in a world of changing TV service. Prospect Park has managed to move some famous, long-running soap operas to an online forum. Netflix produces original programming, as does Amazon. Webseries are becoming increasingly popular. All of these things contribute to a changing landscape, and I’m not the least bit surprised DirecTV is in the market for new programming, as well. We’ll keep you updated as Full Circle moves forward at the network.

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