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If all the names recently rumored to be American Idol judges next season were actually confirmed, there wouldn't be nearly enough bright red Coca Cola cups to go around. Everyone from Nick Jonas to Brad Paisley to Sean Combs has been rumored lately, and with only Mariah Carey confirmed to join, there's at least one spot left to fill-- not 10. Still, it's time to add a new name to the pile, with Nicki Minaj now rumored to be joining the judge's table.

And if you believe the report at Us Weekly, this is way more than just a rumor-- their insider tells them "I'm not sure the deal is completely done yet, but yes, she is definitely doing it." Fox and Minaj have no comment, of course, but Us was also the first outlet to report that Nick Jonas was being considered for a judge's position, so we have reason to believe they've got good intel coming from somewhere.

Minaj is set to start her own world tour on October 21, but with Idol gearing up to air in January, it's unclear how she'd be able to make that work with her tour schedule. There's also the fact that Minaj is very much an up and comer, while typical Idol judges in the past have had their glory days behind them-- Carey being a prime example of that model. Bringing Minaj and Jonas in as judges might be a good way of continuing to reach out to younger viewers, but will they be willing to take all that time away from their own careers? We'll see what happens when all these new additions are finally confirmed.

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