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The Office Preview: Bad Times Ahead For Pam And Clark

Things with Pam haven't been going so well on The Office recently, and it looks like that situation is only getting worse for the aspiring artist. NBC actually has two new episodes of The Office set to air tomorrow night, and the clip we have to show you from one of them shows Pam as the victim of some vandalism. Check it out ahead.

The two episodes scheduled to air Thursday, January 31 are "Junior Salesman" (9:00 p.m.) and "Vandalism" (9:30 p.m.). You should be able to guess which episode this clip (via TVLine) is from by the content…

Who would do that? I hate to think that it was one of the Dunder Mifflin. I might have guessed Kelly a few seasons back. If memory serves, Mindy Kaling's character had sort of a spotty history and a flare for revenge when she felt she was wronged, but Kelly is long gone. And then there's Bob Packer, well known for his crass sense of humor. Would he be above painting butts on Pam's art? Considering he once took a #2 in Michael's office, I'd say no. If anything, butts and "This sucks" is probably pretty tame by comparison to that "package" he left for Michael way back when. Based on the description for the episode, it looks like discovering the culprit will be the focus of the episode.

PAM’S WAREHOUSE MURAL IS DEFACED – When Pam (Jenna Fischer) asks the office to help her track down the vandal who defaced her mural, Dwight (Rainn Wilson) and Nellie (Catherine Tate) spring to action. Darryl (Craig Robinson) has difficulty dealing with the cleanliness habits of Jim (John Krasinski) in their shared Philly apartment. Meanwhile, Angela (Angela Kinsey) grudgingly allows Oscar (Oscar Nunez) and Kevin (Brian Baumgartner) to attend her son’s first birthday party.

As for "Junior Salesman," from this photo, it looks like Dwight's trying to suffocate Clark with plastic wrap.

Could this be some kind of test Dwight's subjecting Clark to in order to see if he's capable of handling the pressure of being a salesman?

DWIGHT BRINGS BACK OLD FRIENDS—David Wallace (Andy Buckley) tasks Dwight (Rainn Wilson) with finding a new part time salesman to fill in for Jim (John Krasinski). Dwight assembles a super-team of his cronies, starting with Mose. Pam (Jenna Fischer) tries to figure out who will be her new desk mate. Erin (Ellie Kemper) tries to find her birth parents with Pete’s (Jake Lacy) help.

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