Once Upon A Time Adds Sonequa Martin-Green For A Recurring Role

The mid-season finale of The Walking Dead introduced (vague spoiler alert if you aren't caught up!) a number of new characters this fall, among which was Sasha, played by Sonequa Martin-Green. She was one of the survivors who came upon the prison. While I expect we'll be getting to know Sasha better when the AMC drama's third season picks up, Once Upon a Time fans will also be seeing the actor at some point in the near future, as Martin-Green has signed on for a role in the series.

EW reports that Sonequa Martin-Green has signed on for the role of Tamara in ABC's fantasy-drama series Once Upon a Time. Not much about the character is known as of yet, including how she fits into the storybook side of things, but from what EW says, Tamara is "a charming and likable woman who’s secretly highly ambitious and a fearless leader driven to get what she wants."

It's a vague description, especially in the way it doesn't mention whether or not being "secretly highly ambitious and a fearless leader" is a good thing, or if she's of the "whatever it takes even if it means being super evil" camp. I'm hoping it's the former, but we'll see. It's a recurring role, which could end up being carried over into Season 3.

As for The Walking Dead, EW says she's expected to continue on with the AMC drama when it returns in February for the second half of its third season. So it sounds like those of us who watch both The Walking Dead and Once Upon a Time will be seeing quite a bit of her in the new year.

In addition to The Walking Dead, Martin-Green's TV credits include Gossip Girl, The Good Wife, NYC 22 and Army Wives.

Kelly West
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