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While The Flash isn’t as known for character deaths as some of DC Comics’ other TV shows, a few well-liked characters have been killed off of the series. One of those characters is Ronnie Raymond, the dude who played one half of Firestorm early on in The Flash. The character was played by actor Robbie Amell, who explained during a recent panel at the Emerald City Comic-Con that he would love to come back and reprise the character again. Here’s what he had to say:
I hope so. I am not back this season. They’re just finishing up the Season 2 finale, and I wasn’t available… and they didn’t ask me. There were a lot of really big storylines to tie up and I had dinner with Greg Berlanti the other night and I asked him for all the spoilers and he gave them to me, and you guys are in for one incredible final stretch of season 2. But I would love to go back. I told him: ‘Whenever I’m available, whenever you want me, I’m there.’

The DC TV universe has a lot of ways of killing off characters, but it also has a nearly equal number of ways to bring those dead characters back. Over on The Flash, we’ve seen dead characters return via time travel, not to mention met their Earth-2 counterparts, who are generally played by the original actor or actress who was killed off. Because of this, it makes total sense that Robbie Amell might make a comment at the Emerald City Comic-Con (via Screenrant) about appearing on the series again. It could very well happen, just not this season.

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As Robbie Amell noted, he won’t be back in Season 2. That would be more unfortunate if we hadn’t actually seen the actor pop up earlier this season. In “Welcome to Earth-2,” Amell played Deathstorm, a villainous version of the original character Amell played who just so happened to live on Earth-2.

As fun as it was to play Deathstorm, Robbie Amell does have a request if he is asked back though:
I would prefer to go back as Firestorm [rather] than Deathstorm. I loved playing Deathstorm but I think it’s tougher to have a serious arc if I’m going back as a bad guy, because I just won’t last as long.

After taking a bit of a break in March, The Flash is back on the air and still has quite a few episodes to air before Season 2 is over. Right now, we obviously have no way of knowing how Ronnie Raymond could fit back into the fold at any point, but we’ll let you know if that day comes. In the meantime, new episodes of The Flash air on Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET, only on the CW.

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