The Flash: Could Ronnie Raymond Return As Firestorm?

As we’ve seen over the past year and a half of The Flash, as well as the Arrow portion of the recent crossover event, it’s a show that has different ways of bringing characters back that have already died, whether by time travel, by flashbacks or by multiple Earths. Actor Robbie Amell seems to be hinting that fans will soon get another taste of Ronnie Raymond in the future, and possibly with him back as one-half of Firestorm.

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There’s bound to be at least one of Amell’s biggest fans that just set fire to everything else in the room in celebration. It was a while back that the actor first teased a possible return to the show, and now this Instagram post seems to build upon that implication. After all, why is he messing with Firestorm props if he’s not going to be inside the costume?

As viewers are aware, Season 2 of The Flash was barely underway before the Ronnie half of Firestorm was killed off in an effort to close the wormhole over Central City. It was an extremely abrupt exit for a character whose importance had been built up. But now we’re at a point where there’s a new Firestorm, and Caitlin’s mourning stages have tapered off with Jay Garrick around to woo her. It’s possible that Amell could reprise the role for a flashback scene where Caitlin is reminiscing about Ronnie and their time together, but we’re hoping for something more dynamic.

Like, say, there being an Earth 2 version of Ronnie that somehow gets brought over to Earth 1’s Central City, which would probably be pretty devastating mentally for Caitlin. (Not that I want her to be devastated.) Maybe there’s an evil version of Firestorm on Earth 2 that Harrison Wells and Garrick’s Flash never knew about, and Zoom uses him to attack Barry and the S.T.A.R. Labs team. I’d be down for that (or something like it) being how Ronnie returns to this world. And then there’s the possibility that this might have something to do with Legends of Tomorrow. What’s it gonna be, Amell?

There’s one more new episode of The Flash Tuesday night on The CW, and the show will then fade into winter hibernation, returning at some point in 2016.

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