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The Originals began airing its second season almost a month ago, and already we’ve had plenty of new characters and storylines to delve into. However, one character we haven’t seen much of is Rebekah, Klaus and Elijah’s sister who left the show during the first season and later appeared in some of the early promotional trailers for Season 2. We briefly saw her in Episode 1 this fall and now executive producer Michael Narducci is promising fans we’ll see Rebekah again soon.

In fact, he says the character will make an appearance before the show wraps for the holidays.
“You won’t be doing much Christmas shopping without having gotten a glimpse of Claire Holt.”

Narducci also mentions that Rebekah will be around and will again have to deal with the wrath and feelings of her witch mother, Esther, who apparently has a plan for all of her kids. Although, he declined to elaborate to EW regarding when or how Rebekah will appear in the plot in upcoming episodes, her IMDB page mentions an appearance in Episode 9 (the show recently aired Episode 5), which fits Narducci’s timeline. Her page also mentions an appearance in the Season 2 finale, with no scheduled appearances in between.

Obviously, there could be a scheduled appearance that could be missing from the available information, but the news tells us two things. The first is that Rebekah is definitely coming back, and soon. The second is that the character is not likely to come back in an extended or large capacity. It sort of sucks, because Rebekah is really the glue that keeps Elijah and Klaus together and her feelings for Marcel were one of the more interesting components during the first season—at least, before she exited the series to pursue work outside of the CW’s vampire dramas. When she drove off, escaping the city, I thought it would be the end of Rebekah.

It wasn’t, but that’s almost been worse.

Honestly, I wish Episode 16 of Season 1 had been the end of Rebekah. All of the weird curveballs where she occasionally pops up on the show aren’t really doing anything for the drama, except possibly reminding fans of the acute loss of the character. The Originals has been compelling enough during Season 2 to keep me watching. Regardless, Claire Holt is the best and the show really misses her biting comments and general love-hate relationships with her siblings.

We still have a few episodes to wait before Claire Holt makes her triumphant or not-so-triumphant return to The Originals. In the meantime, you can catch new episodes of The CW’s drama on Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET.

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