Last year, BBC America’s stylish and tension-filled drama Orphan Black made most other televised dramatic thrillers look daft in comparison, with plots that turned on a dime and character work that earned lead actress Tatiana Maslany immediate cult superstar status. (Though the Emmys bafflingly failed to acknowledge her skills.) In just ten episodes, Orphan Black served up an expertly crafted and well-paced mystery that most other series could never dream of cloning. And it’s all topped off with the wriest of dark humor. You’ll find yourself laughing, gasping and grasping at plot strands sometimes all within the same scene.

Yes, we’re huge fans of Orphan Black and its co-creators Graeme Manson and John Fawcett, who have promised even more slam-banging, head-scratching, eye-fooling fun in Season 2, which begins on Saturday night at 9 p.m. ET. And we want you to be just as jazzed about it as we are, so we’re offering up a simple primer for the mysteries the first season introduced, so you can jump right into the high-stakes shenanigans that Sarah and her genetic sisters will be getting into. Of course, watching Season 1 would be more insightful and amusing – you can do it right now on Amazon Prime – but maybe you don’t have the time.

Who are all the Clones?
The series starts off with Detective Beth Childs committing suicide in front of small time thief Sarah Manning, who ropes herself into this story by posing as Beth in order to empty her bank account and start fresh. Before that happens, she meets a German clone named Katja who is assassinated by Ukranian clone-hunter clone Helena and soon discovers two more known clones, suburban queen Alison Hendrix and the science-happy Cosima Niehaus. (We find out in the last episode that Sarah and Helena were actually born from the same mother.)

A couple of other presumed deceased clones are mentioned, but it isn’t until late in the season that we meet another large piece of the puzzle, a pro-clone named Rachel Duncan that works with the Dyad Institute, the corporation possibly responsible for their creation. It’s a lot to keep up with, but Maslany’s killer performances assure no confusion will ever arise.

What’s more, the Season 2 promos have introduced us to Jennifer Fitzsimmons, and the creators have teased that we may see even more lookalikes before the season is complete. The first season has offered no clues as to how many clones are actually out there beyond the eleven that we now know about, but we almost have to assume there are more, and that Maslany’s bag of acting tricks is nearly bottomless. Maybe this question will be answered by the next question.

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