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I don’t put much stock in the power of wishes, but BBC America seems to want to change my thought process, as they are apparently listening to all the Clone Club members out there who never want to see Orphan Black come to an end. The network has officially ordered up a fourth season of Orphan Black to air in (presumably) the spring of 2016. Start your office pools for what kind of oddball clones Tatiana Maslany could be playing next.

Season 4 of Orphan Black will once again be comprised of 10 action-packed episodes steeped in mystery and science jargon. It’s kind of hard to guess where things will be going, considering only three of the Season 3 episodes have aired thus far. When BBC America renewed the Peabody Award-winning drama for a third season last year, they waited until a few weeks after the Season 2 finale aired. Their confidence must be building, which is great, since this show would have probably been canceled already if it was airing on a less forgiving network.

Orphan Black is not exactly what one would call a ratings grabber, as none of its live airings on Saturday nights seem to have topped 800,000 viewers. (A lot of that has to do with Saturday night arguably being the worst night of the week for TV viewing, certainly.) Still, the relatively small fanbase – with myself included – is extremely vocal about their love for the show, and you can be sure a major racket will be made the day BBC America decides not to move forward.

This season did mark the first time Orphan Black was allowed to branch out to other networks, as its premiere episode was simulcast across AMC Networks’ various channels, including AMC, IFC, SundanceTV and WEtv. Although the episode was the least-watched premiere on BBC America with 535,000 viewers, it brought in over 1.2 million people cumulatively. Those still aren’t primetime CBS numbers or anything, but it’s proof that this kind of corporate synergy can help a flailing series if need be. Maybe they’ll do the same for the finale on June 20.

So this means we get at least two more chances for Tatiana Maslany to win some Golden Globes and Emmys, two achievements she’s been kept from in the past. Of course, she’s sharing some of her screentime these days with Ari Millen’s line of Project Castor’s male clones Mark, Rudy, Seth and Miller, but we’re still holding out for more accolades in the future.

Check out the preview for this weekend’s “Newer Elements of Our Defense” below.

Keep watching Orphan Black as much as possible, people! Let BBC America know we appreciate their continued support of Clone Club.