Last weekend, fans of Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series were treated to our first look at Ronald D. Moore's Starz adaptation, which is in production in Scotland. While it's hard to top that great trailer, there are some pretty fantastic set photos making the rounds, including the one above, which comes from writer/producer Matthew B. Roberts and gives us a lovely silhouetted view of stars Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan as Claire and Jamie respectively. It's hard to see what they're doing, but they look pretty bundled up.

Those familiar with the books know that Outlander tells the story of a British WWII combat nurse who's on vacation with her husband when she finds herself thrown back through time. From there, it's a story of adventure, romance and survival, and a great one at that. Before we get to the next photo, if you haven't heard already, Starz's Outlander page now indicates that the series is coming this summer! Is it going to be May/June summer? Or more like July/August summer? Hopefully the former, but we won't know until Starz gives us a date.

Moving back to photos, we have this great one of Balfe's Claire looking beautiful, warmed by a plaid shawl during "that awkward moment right before you fall through time…

One of the recently released photos gave us a look at Craigh Na Dun, which is the hill and rock formation that Claire is visiting when she's suddenly whisked back through time from the 1940s to the 18th century in war torn Scotland. It's not quite as dramatic as the sight of Scottish warrior Jamie Fraser being beaten but no less significant, all things considered. The trailer gives us another look at that rock formation during a different part of the story. We see a glimpse of Claire and her husband Frank spying some kind of ritual at Craigh Na Dun…


This is taking place at some point before "that awkward moment" that results in Claire's world being turned upside down. Of course, she has no idea the adventure that awaits or how drastically life-altering her time travel experience will be for her.

Back to photos, Matt Roberts Tweeted this awesome one of Castle Leoch, which is one of the locations for the story:

And over on the Outlander Instagram side of things, we have a sheep…

And a view from the stocks…

That's not a view anyone wants to see firsthand, but I have to admit, it's a pretty great photo!

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