Paget Brewster Joins ABC's Spy Pilot

Criminal Minds’ Paget Brewster is headed to ABC to co-star in the network’s comedy pilot, Spy, which is based on Simeon Gouldon’s British TV series of the same name. She’ll play a mother named Erica, although it doesn't seem as if her role as a mother will come first. She’s described as an emotionless person with plenty of personal issues who spends a lot of time at the therapist’s office.

Deadline is reporting that Brewster will star opposite Children’s Hospital’s Rob Corddry as his character, Tim’s, ex-wife. Additionally, she will star as the mother of a highly intellectual young son, who will be played by Mockingbird Lane’s Mason Cook. The title Spy will come in when Tim decides to randomly take a gig with the Secret Service to show he has chops and can be a pretty good dad.

Brewster caught a pretty tough break when Criminal Minds cut her role partway through Season 6. While she was eventually brought back to finish out the season, she eventually gave up on the CBS procedural to pursue comedies. Now, this pilot season, she’s signed on for the Spy pilot. I don’t think I’m the only Criminal Minds fan that would be happy to see her back in a regular role, and I really hope this one works out for the actress and, in extension, ABC. The good news is, the cast for this one is fleshing out pretty nicely, even if the plot seems a little oddball at this point.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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