There are a lot of annoying, obnoxious and mal-adjusted child characters on television, but sifting through them all, I think many would agree that the kids in the Parenthood clan are the absolute worst. From talking back to being unreasonable and from spoiled antics to general brattish behavior, the kids on NBC’s Parenthood have an awful lot of problems. So, with only a few episodes of Parenthood left to air, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to rank the obnoxious children on the show from bad to the worst. Although even the best doesn't mean a model child on this show.

Check out our rankings, below, and let us know if you feel the Parenthood kids deserve to be ranked differently.

#9 & #10) Nora Braverman and Aida Trussell-Braverman
The youngest kids of both Adam and Kristina and Jasmine and Crosby barely make a radar on this list. They don’t speak and don’t really have any impact on major plotlines. They just exist.

Reasons They Suck: No lines, no personalities, no point.

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