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Parker Posey Joins Boston Legal

“Boston Legal” just keeps getting better. Already a haven for genius, oddball acting veterans like William Shatner, James Spader, Tom Selleck, and Renee Aberjombis they’re adding yet another brilliantly original, weirdo talent. The Hollywood Reporter says Parker Posey is joining the cast.

Parker is probably best known for her work in the movies of Christopher Guest, and she’s had starring roles in bigger blockbusters like Blade Trinity, where she played a bitchy vampire. On “Boston Legal”, she’ll play Marlene Stranger, a transfer from another firm who bears the nickname “The Squid”. She’s a BlackBerry toting manipulator, and got her nickname because in mythology the squid is the only animal that can kill a shark. Let’s hope the shark she’s after isn’t Denny Crane. After all, he’s Denny Crane.

Sadly, Posey’s addition isn’t a permanent one. She’ll be there for a three-episode arc, and then jump back to working in the world of film. But if you needed another reason to make an appointment with “Boston Legal”, she’s a pretty good one. Don’t miss her.