Parks And Recreation Watch: Season 6 Finale - Moving Up

Parks And Recreation nails the Season 6 finale by expertly bring together all the threads throughout the season and then blowing it all up in the final moments.

First things first. HOLOGRAM. LIL’. SEBASTIAN! This was the best thing on this show in ages. It is such an earned joke too, that is dependent on your deep history with the show and your relevant in touchness with pop culture. Just a brilliant bit, executed perfectly.

Now, everything can’t be as amazing as that, but the double episode hits its mark at every turn. The show has had some downs this season, but watching the creative team slowly pull together all the little threads made everything that came before this feel a little bit better. The last few weeks have been an excellent run of episodes for the show and the finale was probably the best episode of the season. Leslie’s desire to see the world, Andy growing up and wanting something more, Ben’s Cones of Dunshire, Tom’s entrepreneurial ups and downs, Ron renovating the 3rd floor, Craig’s evolution, everything had a purpose and those character beats all came together in the end. Well done.

There were so many excellent threads this week, but I really like what the writers have done with Ben these past few episodes. After seeing their end game with him for the season you can really look back retroactively and see how they have sorted molded this new Ben out of the old pieces and I am very excited to see what they make of him next year. Adam Scott was great in the first half of the episode, battling for the wi-fi of Pawnee, and the emotional arc of his season really resonated as he received the financial gratification he needed to have triplets. Plus, I was really happy to see them really embrace his nerd side, always a plus, “We are on Endor.”

Leslie also had some fantastic scenes this week and her visit with Michelle Obama will go down as one of the best moments for the character on the show. Poehler was just so damn funny, losing control of the volume of her voice, and it was the perfect reaction for Leslie to Mrs. Obama, even if she is a Clinton fan. The Parks Dept. putting Leslie on the founders plaque was also a beautiful moment for the show and I really wonder if they are going to play off that semi-official title in the new Leslie we are going to be getting next season.

THREE YEARS LATER! I couldn't believe it, but I think it is a fantastic move for Parks and Recreation. Things were getting stale these past couple of season and this allows the creative team to just give everyone a reset button. Well, except poor Terry. How did he get the name Terry? Leslie in particular seems to have made the most pronounced change in the brief moments we get to see her as she shit cans Jon Hamm in a fantastic little cameo. How will this new version of Leslie play in Pawnee and what has it done to her relationships? Besides Terry, Ben, Andy and April were the only other characters seen in the future, but what does that mean? We will have to wait and see, I just hope Tammy didn’t get a hold of Ron in that mean time (She did get the line of the night, though, “Dad, D.”) I would actually like to see them ditch the documentary style completely, that final scene certainly did.

I can do nothing but applaud the Season 6 finale of Parks and Recreation as it has restored my faith in the show going forward. Not only were the final few episodes of the season firing at the highest level, but it blew up the show in the end allowing them to take a fresh take on the future. Exciting things could be in store for next season and I can’t wait to see what the Parks and Recreaction team takes us.

Random Ramblings:

-”I couldn't tell if you were trying to sleep, you had that mask over your eyes.”

-”Ha ha, no. That’s exactly how they would expect you to break in.”

-”Because I am Wigging out right now!”

-”In fact, most people go to the library just to order pizza online.”

-Who is Thomas Hucker?


-”I agree with you on all things throughout all history until the end of time.”

-”I knew it was going to roll down, but not that fast.”

-”OK, but go faster.”

-”No, it’s my dog’s rectum.”

-”It was too perfect, it looked machine made.”

-Sideboob fails, “Thank you Ben Wyatt.”

-”A man without a palate isn’t a man.”

-Loved the dramatic game assessment shot of Ben.

-”I’m on top of the world.”

-”People are playing with my cones, babe.”

-”You currently owe me 16,000 dollars for that wood.”

-”Sorry, that’s not why we are here.”

-”This is Lester Kanop.”


-”My family, my conversations, and my whereabouts at all times.”

-”You say that every morning.”

-”The sentimental people in the office will probably miss you.”

-”Leslie Knope, multiple occasions.”

-”Will this medium drink of water be there?”

-”If i get pulled over for violating my house arrest!”


-”Pretty sure we got the bass player.”

-”Just general rock, its going to be fun.”

-”Why you got to bring the Quackson 5 into this?”

-”So I am going to buy the booth.”

-”She’s near, hide the children.”

-”Trolling for some Dad, D.”

-”I end up beating the computer finally.”

-”They never tell you are going to be all alone up there when you go solo.”

-”What do you say we take you over to the ball pit and find your cell phone I lost.”

-Bobby Knight Ranger!

-Where is my lighter for Little Sebastian?

-HOLOGRAM LITTLE SEBASTIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-”No way, the closer!”

-”And I would just like, an empty glass.”

-”Wow, shortest one yet.”

-”We’re getting divorced!”

-”and VICE VERSA!”

-”and I’ve been to Dallas.”

-Poor Larry.

-”With your courage and small frame you would make an excellent coal miner.”

-”Don’t think we aren’t discussing Duke Silver.”

-”Equal parts Dean Martin and Bruno Mars.”

-”I said we have free wi-fi.”

-”Also, can you bring back Power Rangers.”


-Jon Hamm!

-Poor Terry!

-What is happening?

-”How many bags of marshmallows do I give them?”