Parks And Recreation Watch: Season 6, Episode 20 - One In 8,000

Big news for Leslie and Ben means big secret for Andy in a very good character episode of Parks & Rec.

Ben & Leslie head to the doctor after getting the big baby news last week, only to find the news getting bigger as there are triplets on the way. The stress needs to be dialed down immediately for the couple, but Ben is finding that very difficult after crunching the financial numbers. Seeing Ben loose it is always a delight, and they are really playing to Scott’s strengths as everyone’s favorite city manager. Watching Leslie dial it back was a nice bit for her and it will be interesting if they play out this mellower version of her or if it was just a one episode thing. I wish the auction was a bit more successful at humor, but the character work for the expecting couple played really well and you couldn’t help but feel happy for the two.

I really liked the trio of Andy, April and Larry this week as their little B-Story had plenty for the trio to do. Andy keeping the secret gave Chris Pratt a ton to do, and everything from the physical humor to the crazy lying improv montage to April had me rolling. Chris Pratt forever! April and Larry are a lot of fun as well, but it was also great to see the sweeter side of April come out for the not really ill Larry. Larry actually might have had the grossest line I’ve ever heard on the show this week, as he talked about getting out the colander to fish out his wedding ring he accidentally swallowed. Poor Larry.

The Ron and Donna story also had some really nice moments throughout and while the emotional punches of their last couple scenes didn’t resonate like the other character beats did this week, it was good stuff. Swanson was in particular fine form again tonight and he had some excellent moments we’ve been waiting for with his new kids. Keegan-Michael Key was also one of the best guest stars in some time and it was nice to see him execute the, predictable, spin on Donna’s “Tammy”. Also, anyone that can get Ron to smile the way he does after that cupcake offer, he’s good in my book.

Season 6 of Parks & Rec seems set to go out on a strong note, which is a relief after some of the lows the show has hit this year. Next week is the finale and I hope they continue to finish on as strong a note as they’ve been hitting these last few episodes. We will see, but I am certainly a lot more optimistic about a Season 7 than I was a few weeks ago.

Random Ramblings:

-”I’m currently catfishing Anthony Kiedis.”

-”Not him, not that Kyle.”

-”He’s my Tammy.”

-”I understand this problem well, and agree to the exchange of services.”

-”That’s a pretty decent t-shirt idea.”

-”Look at me!”

-He seems nice.

-”Just triplets!”

-”A going out of business sale.”

-”We are so fucking screwed."

-Dexhart, all the birthdays at once, amazing. " Various Dexharts."

-Poor Larry.


-That Ron Swanson smile.

-Poor April.

-"I wish I could say its the first time." "Getting out the old colander."

-"I'm more of a Jack Johnson guy."

-"Call a coroner!"

-"It's the dusty one."

-"Tom has something wrong with his butt."

-"I'm going to go make some muffins."

-"We spent too much money on macaroons."

-"Larry changing his name for some stupid reason."

-"You take that back."

-Poor Larry.

-Triple crib.

-I love Craig.