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Looking for a distraction that also caters to your sense of nostalgia? The perfect solution has arrived online, and it comes in the form of a Perfect Strangers online game. While it's not especially challenging as a video game, this fun little procrastination device may inspire fond memories of Larry and his cousin Balki.

The site is called, a nod to the '80's sitcom's theme song, which is all about achieving dreams. So it's fitting that the object of the game is to reach for the stars. But first, the player must put in the dream they're trying to achieve. After that, they have to steer their Balki through obstacles (rain and thunder, wind and haze…) and aim him at the stars. How many stars you manage to hit determines your rank…

Now here's the thing that might make you play over and over… An especially high score earns you the dance of joy! Sure, you could probably go over to YouTube and just watch it there, but wouldn't you rather earn it? I also found it especially funny to read the list of dreams people submitted.

Nothin's gonna stop me now...

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