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Peter Sarsgaard Joins The Killing In Season 3

Peter Sarsgaard has signed on for AMC’s The Killing in Season 3. The actor will play a prison inmate who exists on death row, but for whom life may soon be snuffed, to put it bluntly. His character, Tom Seward, will be a man who had a rough life growing up and began getting into major trouble around age 10. Seward is a hard man who despises weakness and always prefers to have the upper hand in a conversation, even when in prison. It sounds like people don’t mess with him very often.

Sarsgaard has never been one to shy away from dark or somewhat taboo characters, but he usually tends to pop up in films rather than television programs. In fact, according to TV Line, this will be Sarsgaard’s first recurring television role. The man has shied away from television since the late nineties, when he took on a few TV movie roles, including Freak City, and guest stints on shows like Law and Order. Signing on for The Killing is a bit of a surprise move for the actor, but a welcome one.

After Billy Campbell decided he would not be returning for Season 3 of The Killing, I had doubts that AMC’s drama would be able to entice some big names to join the show. However, Sarsgaard’s casting definitely turns that opinion on its head. With The Killing promising to solve Season 3’s mystery within the course of 12 episodes and with cast members Joel Kinnamon and Mereille Enos returning, there’s a lot for fans to look forward to. We’ll let you know when more news regarding AMC’s drama breaks.

Jessica Rawden

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