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I have done my share of babysitting, which means I have encountered a fair amount of Sesame Street and its large variety of characters and storytelling methods over the years. The puppet-based programming is all about learning life lessons, like how to ride a bicycle safely and how to brush your teeth properly. Usually those life lessons aren’t really the school of hard knocks sort; however, in the case of the production company yesterday, some employees were treated to just that.

Sesame Workshop, which produces the famed Sesame Street had financial problems just a few years ago. Back in 2009, despite being the 15th most watched kids program on television, the company was forced to let go more than 60 of its employees after funding was cut. Today, the company was forced to hand out pink slips to another 12 employees, this time mostly in the Digital Media department.

While it looks as if the funding situation is still pretty tenuous at the company’s main New York offices, Deadline is reporting the layoffs were more of a “shift” in priorities than anything else. The fact the company spoke of a “shift in resources” could mean that manpower is simply being used elsewhere, but if the layoffs continue over the next couple of days, the pink slips could still speak to a larger fiscal problem. The company’s programming is now an institution spanning multiple decades and programming in 150 countries, so I really hope this does not speak to a bigger issue. We’ll know shit is really hitting the fan if they fire Abby Cadabby.

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