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If you count the already airing Veep, there are a slew of political pilots coming into the forefront over the next few months. I’ve got my eye most carefully trained on 1600 Penn, a Josh Gad comedy vehicle set for NBC; however, a very close second goes Greg Berlanti’s Political Animals. The USA drama is Sigourney Weaver’s first TV starring role ever and she gets to play the former first lady and current Secretary of State to boot. Plus, Ellyn Burstyn is her mother. Now, with a new preview of the politically-centered program, we are able to see a little bit about what the former first family's demographics are like.

The first look at Political Animals juxtaposes shots from Barrish's political race with interview tidbits meant to take a look at the Hammonds, a family that features the former President, the Secretary of State, and a rising political son. The Hammonds and Weaver’s character (who plays ex-Hammond and former First Lady Elainne Barrish) take front and center in the preview, with Barrish getting asked about everything from her ego to her political goals, which look to be pretty lofty.
“Eleanor Roosevelt, Cleopatra, Elizabeth I – that’s the kind of company I want to keep.”

We’ve seen political dramas, but perhaps none with a cast as stacked as Political Animals, which also features Carla Gugino, Adrian Pasdar, Sebastian Stan, and Dylan Baker. If you want to see how such a motley crew will mix, check out Political Animals when it airs Sunday, June 15 at 10 P.M.

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