If I start out talking about this upcoming new Fox series by using the words “cop” and “drama,” many of you might wave it off or ask why TV needs yet another cop drama? So instead, I’ll use the words “Shawn” and “Ryan” as those are two words that describe one solid reason to look forward to The Chicago Code, which is set to premiere in 2011.

Shawn Ryan’s exec-producing credits include The Shield, The Unit, Lie to Me and the excellent but underappreciated FX series Terriers (which happens to air on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET. Watch it!). Ryan’s got the procedural thing down and he certainly has experience with making interesting, complex characters, so I’m thinking this new Fox series will have some of that going for it from the start.

Fox has The Chicago Code lined up to air on Monday, February 7th, which is the day after Super Bowl Sunday.

Below is the information they released on the premise of the series.

Starring Jason Clarke (Brotherhood) and Jennifer Beals (The L Word), the fast-paced series centers on JAREK WYSOCKI (Clarke), a local legend and a larger-than-life veteran of the Chicago Police Department who wields considerable power thanks to his relationship with TERESA COLVIN (Beals), his ex-partner and the city’s first female superintendent, now in charge of a 10,000-member police force. While Teresa diplomatically governs amidst the complicated landscape of Chicago politics, Jarek works the streets on a crusade to clean up crime and avenge his brother’s murder. Along the way, they face powerful adversaries, including ALDERMAN RONIN GIBBONS (Delroy Lindo, Kidnapped), a building-magnate-turned-politician who has ruled his ward with a velvet glove for over two decades.

The Chicago Code was previously titled Ride-Along.

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