Prison Break-- For Ladies!

The idea of a female version of Prison Break almost sounds like some bad, chauvinistic joke. What, instead of tattooing the escape route on her body, will she just stuff it all in her handbag? According to the Hollywood Reporter, though, the minds behind Fox’s hit are taking it seriously, currently developing Prison Break: Cherry Hill, which will star a character named Molly who will be introduced on Prison Break this season.

Molly’s story will tie into that of the escapees on Prison Break, with her fate also linked to The Company, the shadowy agency that framed Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) for an assassination and has dogged him and his brother Michael (Wentworth Miller). Most of the main characters of the show are in Panama at the moment, either in or out of prison; Molly travels there to meet them and talk about their experience with The Company, which was also responsible for killing her family. After getting her vengeance on the bad guys she accepts her lifetime prison sentence—until she learns some members of her family may be alive, and begins to make every effort to get out and get back to them.

It’s tempting to cry foul at the idea that a woman in prison has to have a family to motivate her—what, no love of cold, hard revenge?—but it was family that got Michael into jail and kicked off the whole Prison Break series to begin with. Also, a woman kicking ass to bust out of prison? Awesome! I haven’t been watching Bionic Woman--is anyone? is this show actually good?—but I’m still about powerful ladies on television. Lost’s Kate and Juliette and Heroes Claire (and whoever that new girl is who can copy whatever she sees) are getting lonely out there!

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend