Private Practice Sets Its Sights On Serious Rather Than Just Sexy

If I asked for a show of hands, how many of you could say that you were watching ABC’s Private Practice for the deep storylines? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Not a one. I will confess that I don’t watch the show because I love it’s “parent show” Grey’s Anatomy - because I hated the character of Addison Shepherd. I pretty much just watch it because I’ve had a crush on Tim Daly since his days on Wings. Seriously, if I ever cheated on my husband, this is the only man alive that it would be with. Don’t get all up in arms – he would cheat with Campbell Brown if he had the chance…

Anyway, because Private Practice has so far just been about the beautiful stars, I didn’t expect it to last long. Especially if it started going the way of Grey’s Anatomy - what with the CPR on the deer and all. But, according to Yahoo News, the writers have decided to make the show a little deeper – give it a little more substance.

For instance, one episode will be set up around the fact that “a woman is dying of ovarian cancer. One doctor wants to treat her traditionally, by removing her uterus and ovaries. Another wants the patient to participate in a clinical trial that might preserve her ability to have children, but could have serious side effects.”

Or in another episode, “an obstetrician is conflicted about whether to deliver a premature baby she believes was conceived solely because the umbilical-cord blood could save the family's older, dying child.”

You know, real-life issues… I’m just kidding. I think it’s awesome that the writers are trying to think out of the box. They could continue revolving the episodes around whether or not the docs are getting laid on a regular basis, but this might be a better route to take. And since, “history proves that viewers respond to medical shows” , I’d say the show is going to do just fine.