Prom Night Is Coming: Game Of Thrones Goes High School

Starks, Lannisters, Baratheons - and the lone Targaryen, all facing off for the all-important throne of…Westeros Valley High Prom King and Queen? Yes, it’s your favorite group of warring houses from Game of Thrones all turned into high school cliques. And prom night is coming.

I can’t say it ever occurred to me that Game of Thrones could be compared to high school drama, but clearly someone else has given it a lot of thought. Check out the first episode of the new web series-spoof School of Thrones, complete with a truly impressive high school version of GoT’s 3D map opening credits.

The Lannisters are the cool kids who run the school, Sansa Stark is acting like an idiot over Joffrey (although oddly enough less of a fool than in the actual series), and a young, very badly wigged, dragon-obsessed Dany Targaryen has just started her first day at Westeros Valley High. And did we mention prom night is coming? It’s all the drama of life in high school complete with bad fashion trends and ridiculous jargon as the families face off against each other while a Bieber-esque Joffrey and lovesick Sansa join forces to land the prom night honors. Perhaps the best part is right at the end, when Tyrion makes his one-liner appearance, sipping from a red solo cup and not appearing fazed by finding Dany and Jon Snow in the bushes.

Episode 2 of School of Thrones is headed for YouTube March 17th.