The casting news for new pilots keeps rolling in. Next up is Transformers beauty Rachael Taylor, who has picked up one of the leading roles in the spooky drama 666 Park Avenue for ABC. The project is based on the Gabriella Pierce novel in which plenty of things go bump in the night at a New York apartment building.

Deadline reports that Taylor has been tapped for the role as the female half of a Midwest couple new to New York who take on a gig managing an apartment building. Dave Annable was previously cast as the other half of the couple. Supernatural things start happening around the apartment building, putting residents in danger and generally freaking everyone out.

Taylor is next in a line of faces ABC is fond of to join the cast. She has already appeared in their Charlie’s Angels reboot attempt and is well known to Grey’s Anatomy fans as well. Annable starred in Brothers and Sisters at the network, and also cast is Terry O’Quinn of Lost as the owner of the eerie building. So it’s really becoming an ABC alum family affair on the set of this pilot.

ABC is likely banking on the popularity of supernatural dramas in recent years – most of which are based on books – for success here. It’s a formula that’s worked pretty well for other networks, but I have to wonder if it’s getting a little played out. ABC might be late to party, but this project could work given the right writing and more good casting.

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