Last night’s episode of Revenge was followed by a preview of the next new episode. Rather than a montage of dramatic moments, we were given a glimpse of one very intense scene that involved a gun. We have the preview you here, in case you missed it, as well as some interesting tidbits about the series’ return in 2012 (including the date!?)

Last night’s episode left a lot of things hanging, but that’s nothing new for this series. What fun would it be if anything were really ever resolved, right? You can read my full breakdown of the episode here, which includes a couple of theories, including what I think of Emily’s “journal.”

Moving on, the preview! Set to Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, the video below has a group of characters seated at a table and staring at Tyler, who’s pointing a gun at them...

The OMG-factor aside, let’s analyze for a moment. For one thing, what’s written on that cake in front of Emily? Happy Birthday Daniel? It’s definitely something for Daniel. For another, how many of the people at that table actually eat cake?

What’s even more interesting is that it looks like Jack and Amanda are at the table as well. That may be a trick though since we don’t see them at the table but we do see reaction shots of their faces as Tyler waves his gun around. Let’s say for argument’s sake that they are there though. It’s possible Emily invited them but it seems more probable that Victoria did. We saw at the end of last night’s episode that Victoria found out Amanda is back in town. What are the odds she doesn’t fake-cordially reach out to greet the daughter of her old lover in a typical enemies-closer maneuver?

If you’re looking for a bit more to go on for when the series returns, AOLTV posted an interview with Revenge creator Mike Kelley. In addition to mentioning the series’ return date (January 4th!), Kelley talks about what’s ahead for the characters. Here’s what he had to say on the show’s return:
Here's the basic sequence of events: We'll see a more vulnerable side of Victoria when the show returns Jan. 4, but she'll also have to contend with Lydia, who comes back with a revenge plan of her own. Tyler is still around and plotting furiously as well. Then, in the next episode of the show, Kelley says, "We are doing another big take-down."

In the episodes after that, the show will "reset" Emily's revenge goals regarding Victoria and Conrad. "Something really dramatic happens" a few weeks after the show returns, Kelley said. Emily learns "a new piece of information and it absolutely reaffirms her goals, which leads us to the engagement party on the beach."

Another big takedown! I’m predicting it’ll be the attorney Huntley. We saw that Emily has a connection with him as he was the guy that was refusing to do her father’s appeal and now he’s back serving as Victoria’s divorce attorney.

We have weeks to wait to find out who (if anyone) gets shot at the party table and whether or not anyone eats that cake. In the meantime, at least we only have to wait until January 4th. I was starting to worry that its lack of premiere date meant we were looking at March or something.

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