Michael Bay’s The Last Ship project seems to be coming together pretty nicely. Casting officially went underway for the TNT pilot last week, and now the upcoming pilot has added one more to the cast. Strike Back’s Rhona Mitra will join the crew playing Rachel Scott, a microbiologist that is one of the survivors after a global catastrophe.

When The Last Ship began casting, the pilot seemed to have a lot of military characters going for it, which makes sense, as the USS Nathan James in the series is supposed to be a military ship, replete with missiles and the like (if you think this is sounding a little bit like Last Resort you are definitely not the only one). Michaela McManus, Charles Parnell, Travis Van Winkle, Christina Elmore were all added to the cast as some sort of military type or another. However, last week Sam Spruell, and now Mitra have been hired to play characters with more of a science-based background. THR is reporting Rachel Scott will be a strong-willed character, so she should be able to tow her own among the various military personalities.

Despite having Michael Bay on board as an executive producer, and despite the show already putting together a pilot, The Last Ship has to fight off some stiff competition to get an official pick-up. TNT has eleven—count ‘em—projects in the works right now, and some of them won’t be making the cut. We’ll keep you posted if and when Michael Bay’s endeavor gets officially picked up.

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