Ron Perlman Is Headed To The Blacklist, Here Are The Details

Ron Perlman is an actor who gets a lot of unique opportunities. He’s the type of guy that can hop from Pacific Rim to Sons of Anarchy to Adventure Time and other diverse projects, provided the gigs fit into his schedule. Now, he’s headed to NBC’s drama The Blacklist, where he will play an upcoming villain.

Perlman is set to play bad guy Luther Braxton, a thief who crosses paths with lead Red Reddington and the FBI team Reddington made a deal with. Mr. Braxton is known internationally for stealing, and he’s also known for the meticulous and elaborate plans he puts together in order to get what he wants. He’s a man who is into “diversions” and “chaos,” and he’ll undoubtedly bring both to the series when he pops up for a guest stint.

The Blacklist finished out its fall tenure early, with an episode that hit the schedule last Monday. Unfortunately for fans of The Blacklist, NBC’s hit drama won’t be returning until February of next year. It’s also switching from Monday nights to Thursday nights, likely in a bid to help out The Blacklist’s sagging Thursday ratings. According to TV Guide, Perlman’s appearance will coincide with the show’s move to Thursdays, and is expected to be a big promotional point when the show returns at midseason.

During its first season, The Blacklist always had that elusive must-watch factor, ending on small or big cliffhangers that enticed viewers to return the following week. The reveals weren’t quite as exciting during the first part of Season 2, with NBC milking the “what’s behind the door” concept for several weeks. You know what I’m talking about…

However, the last couple of episodes proved The Blacklist is still in fine form, and with Perlman set for a guest stint, things should be interesting when the show returns in February.

Honestly, Perlman should be a great fit for the role, having portrayed plenty of morally complex characters during his career. Recently, he played an anti-hero on Sons of Anarchy for a good chunk of the show’s run. The Blacklist has signed on several high-profile actors this season, including Weeds’ Mary-Louise Parker, but we’re especially excited to see what Perlman will do opposite James Spader on the show.

The Blacklist will return to the schedule on Sunday, February 1, following the Super Bowl. Then, on February 5, it will head to its new Thursday night timeslot. In the meantime, you can catch up on the series via Netflix.

Jessica Rawden
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