I love hearing casting news about former Veronica Mars stars. In this case, I’m referring to Ryan Hansen, who has been cast to star in NBC’s comedy pilot Lovelives.

Deadline posted the news that Hansen, who is currently set to appear in the yet-to-air NBC comedy series Friends with Benefits, has been cast in another comedy pilot for the network. Lovelives is being written by Chris Chernin and follows Tim (Hansen) and his girlfriend Holly as they deal with love and infidelity. While Tim’s an intelligent, attractive professor at Fordham, he’s not entirely honest with Holly.

Honestly, I’m already getting a little tired of relationship comedies (Perfect Couples, Mad Love, etc.) and hearing that Hansen’s signed on for a new pilot doesn’t sound good for the fate of Friends with Benefits, which according to Deadline, still doesn’t have a premiere date. Still, this news does mean more potential for Hansen to return to the small screen and that’s a good thing. He was great as Dick Casablancas in Veronica Mars and as Kyle in Starz’ Party Down. It’ll be interesting to see what he brings to this new role if the pilot gets picked up.

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