Saturday Night Live will return next month for its 37th season, and the sketch comedy series is going with a veteran host to kick things off. Alec Baldwin has been lined up to host the season premiere, which will mark his 16th time doing it. Meanwhile, Jack Donaghy might be pulling a Michael Scott on 30 Rock.

The New York Times posted the news, which was included in an article about Alec Baldwin possibly leaving the show after next season and whether or not the show will go on, should Baldwin decide to part ways with the series. It sounds like NBC is unsure as to whether or not Baldwin will be around after next season, but his departure wouldn’t necessarily mean the end of the show. “I would hope he would want to go on,” Lorne Michaels said. “But we’re going to keep doing the show.”

It’s as difficult to picture 30 Rock without Baldwin as it is to picture The Office without Michael Scott. But, much like The Office being bigger than just one character, so is the other NBC series.

As for Baldwin’s appearance on SNL, he’s a safe bet if they’re looking to make sure the season premiere delivers big laughs. Baldwin’s been featured in some of the best sketches in the series history, including one of my personal favorites, the “Schwetty Balls” sketch. Since Entertainment Weekly beat me to posting that clip, here’s a different funny Baldwin sketch:

The Times article also mentions that Melissa McCarthy will be hosting the second episode. McCarthy’s no stranger to making people laugh. She had a supporting role on Samantha Who?, as well as a current starring role on CBS’ Mike & Molly, not to mention some scene-stealing moments in the film Bridesmaids. She’s definitely due to host SNL, as far as I’m concerned. I can’t wait to see what she brings to the table when the new season picks up this fall.

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