SNL is looking for some fresh blood, and it will be of the female variety. It seems Lorne Michaels is searching for the newest addition to the cast, in preparation for the possible exit of Kristen Wiig. A number of funny ladies are among the contenders.

Lorne Michaels has reportedly been screen-testing a group of ladies, according to Deadline, to add a new woman to the SNL lineup. It sounds like the new player might be added no matter what happens with Kristen Wiig, whose contract is up at the end of the season. The Bridesmaids star’s future with the show won’t be decided for sure until summer, but there are rumors she’ll be on her way out.

The list of women said to be testing for SNL includes Jessica Joy of The Playboy Club, Lauren Lapkus of Are You There Chelsea, Elaine Carroll of Very Mary-Kate and Kate McKinnon of The Big, Gay Sketch Show. The last on that list, McKinnon, is said to be making an appearance on next Saturday’s show, but no word on whether any of the other ladies in question will have a test-run this season before Michaels makes a decision for next year’s cast. Does it mean McKinnon is the front runner?

If Kristen Wiig is really on her way out, SNL will have some big shoes to fill. She’s arguably the biggest female name on the show, and the success of Bridesmaids has helped to put he in the spotlight and in demand. I won’t be surprise if she goes. As for who will take her place, it could be any of the women listed or someone entirely new – it sounds like Lorne Michaels is doing his due diligence in the search.

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