Whether you were Team Ben or Team Noel, if you watched Felicity, there’s a good chance you still associate Scott Foley and Scott Speedman with the roles they played on the drama series. Sure, they’ve done other things since then, including two Underworld movies for Speedman, and a recent role on Grey’s Anatomy for Foley, but their on-and-off romances with Felicity were especially memorable, especially for those of us who never quite figured out who she was better off with. That's a debate for another time, though.

From the looks of it, both Foley and Speedman could be returning to television as leads. While Speedman is set to play a part in the ABC drama pilot Last Resort, Scott Foley has signed on for a Fox comedy pilot, joining previously cast Becki Newton (Ugly Betty).

The Hollywood Reporter posted the news, stating that Foley is set to star in The Goodwin Games for Fox. The single-camera comedy follow three siblings whose father leaves them his fortune on the condition that they agree to his terms. Foley and Newton are set to play two of the three siblings.

I already had this pilot among the ones I’m hoping goes to series, and Foley’s involvement only boosts it up higher. It’ll be interesting to see who is cast as the third sibling.

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