Scoundrels Watch: Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire

Tonight's episode of Scoundrels was by far the best of the series, and even though the show has only been on for three episodes, I think it is clear that the show has gotten into a rhythm and that it is hitting on all the right cylinders.

This week we found some of The West's in new surroundings, and we also got to see a few in a new light.

With the pressure on to make a name for himself, Logan gets in a little over his head when he takes on a very big lawsuit for his firm. Problems begin to arise when it is revealed that the only reason he got the job was that he told his boss that he was part Native American. As luck would have the defendants are members of the tribe that Logan claims to be a part of (which he clearly isn't) and so he turns to his linguistically-gifted sister, Hope for a tutorial session on how to speak the native tongue of his "people". Things go from bad to worse when a fellow colleague approaches Logan and worms his way onto the case, threatening to spill his secret and tell his boss that he is not an Indian, and he is the son Wolfgang West (a secret he has managed to keep a lid on until now).

Cheryl finds herself at odds with her husband after she takes up an offer to work for a man named Alan, who is a close friend of the family. Unknown to Cheryl, Alan is a little more closer to the family then she thinks, it seems that Alan has slept with Heather (the eldest daughter) and with Wolf in jail, has set his sights on Cheryl. So Wolf who has grown increasingly more and more jealous, has his partner Charlie spy on Cheryl and after things get a little too physical. Wolf decides to get even with Alan and decides to contact Sgt. Mack and speak to the police about Alan's illegal hobbies.

Logan growing increasingly desperate and tired from the late-night study sessions of Native American languages, finally gets a break when he finds evidence that will win the case. But his sneaky colleague breaks into his office and steals the documents which sends Logan running to his Twin-brother Cal seeking his "services" in hopes of retrieving the evidence before his big meeting the next morning. Cal and his bumbling cohorts manage to break-in and successfully retrieve the documents, and his TV, computer, and homemade porn. The next morning, Logan presents the case to his clients speaking perfectly in the language of his "people" and in the process impresses his boss.

Cheryl learns of Wolf's deal with Sgt. Mack and is none too pleased that he was willing to ruin a man's life, because he felt that she was cheating on him. So a pissed Cheryl struts into the Jail dressed in high heels, and a short skirt and proceeds to tear Wolf a new one. She explains to her husband that she has been faithful all these years, but his actions as of late have begun to make her question whither or not he is the man she fell in love with, all those years ago. So it seems as if a very rocky road lies ahead for this couple as one sits in Jail on a 5-year stretch, and the other has to work a full time job, and keep her family on the straight and narrow.

Scoundrels is really the biggest surprise to come out of all the new Summer programming. Re-making a show for American audiences can never be easy and the show's New Zealand counterpart (Outrageous Fortune) serves as a jump-off point for the writers of Scoundrels to see what works and what doesn't, and in that aspect. I think the are doing a fantastic job! Everything is there in the show to make this a very entertaining and funny comedy, and I really can't say enough about the cast, they are really good, and I find myself deleting old episodes of LOST from my DVR to make room for this show because it is just that good. So if you have your reservations about the show or you think I am stupid for even liking it, let me know what you think!