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Earlier this month, outspoken TV news personality Bill O’Reilly re-upped his deal with Fox News, signing on for a deal that will keep him at the network through 2016. O’Reilly wasn’t the only Fox News personality who needed to sign or new contract or find gigs elsewhere, and in the weeks following O’Reilly’s commitment, it seemed like Sean Hannity would also sign a deal. As the days passed with no deal signed, fans might have been growing a little bit concerned. Eventually the Hannity host was able to come to a deal that suited him.

It took him a while, but Hannity has now committed to returning to Fox News through 2016. The recent contract is good news for the network, as it boasts Hannity as the second most watched cable news program, behind The O’Reilly Factor. Signing on its two most watched hosts is a boon to the network, but it is also a good deal for the loyal host. According to Deadline, the multi-year contract will enable Hannity to stick with the network he helped to launch back in 1996.

Deadline did not state exactly how much money Hannity stands to gain from his long-negotiated contract. However, I’m sure it’s a pretty penny. For a man that crushes MSNBC and CNN in the news ratings, who is heading into a contract that will keep him on air for more than 20 years, and who successfully proved he could go solo after dropping Alan Colmes from the lineup in 2008, he’s almost certainly worth whatever it takes to keep him on the network.

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