Sean Hayes To Guest Star On Parks & Recreation

Parks & Recreation is not a series that needs great guest stars to be funny, but if a big name gives the NBC comedy a bigger spot-light, so be it. And who better to enhance the series’ funny with his own brand of quirk than Sean Hayes?

TV Line shared the news today that the former Will & Grace star is set to appear in an episode of NBC’s Parks & Recreation at some point this spring. Hayes, who will be seen in the upcoming Three Stooges film, will play “a revered TV journalist who the locals refer to affectionately as ‘the Matt Lauer of Indianapolis.’” While Amy Poehler’s Leslie is on the campaign trail in her attempts to land a spot on the city council, Hayes’ character scores an interview with her, which should give Leslie a boost in her campaign, but may end up causing a setback. Per TV Line, “the high profile chat doesn’t go as smoothly as Leslie would have liked.”

Hayes isn’t the first Will & Grace star to appear on Parks & Rec. Megan Mullally, who played Hayes’ character Jack’s BFF Karen in the once hugely popular NBC series, recurs on Parks as Ron Swanson’s second ex-wife Tammy. Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like Mullally and Hayes will appear on screen together on Parks, but something like that, even if it’s just a momentary brush of shoulders in a future episode, would be fairly fantastic. Another time, perhaps.

Or, and this is pure wishing-aloud here, maybe Happy Endings will manage to make the reunion happen, as Mullally has appeared on the ABC comedy as Penny’s mother a couple of times. A Hayes/Mullally collision on the Wednesday night comedy would be glorious.

TV Line notes that NBC is developing a sitcom for Hayes. If that were to happen relatively soon, he and former Will & Grace star Debra Messing would be on the same network again, as Messing is one of the stars of NBC’s upcoming musical-drama Smash.

Kelly West
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