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Actors don’t get very far in showbiz if they don’t have the range to tackle a variety of parts, but there are some roles that certain actors seem absolutely born to play. Stephen Amell's role of Oliver Queen on the CW's Arrow looks to be one of them. Amell recently took to social media and shared a picture of himself channeling his inner Oliver Queen and wielding a bow way back in 1988. Check it out!

Green Arrow 1988.

Posted by Stephen Amell on Monday, December 7, 2015

The little towheaded Stephen Amell as pictured in 1988 is far too happy and cleanshaven to very closely resemble his future alter ego, but he had another 24 years to get the brooding and scruff down. It’s clear enough, however, that he nailed the ability to wield a weapon while posing without a shirt from a very young age.

Not all actors would have necessarily wanted to post a picture of themselves in 1980s swim trunks, but Stephen Amell has historically been incredibly active and interactive on social media. While he's made some regrettable posts in the past, he's used his Facebook page to start campaigns for some very worthy charities.

Amell has also understandably used social media for personal crusades. His Facebook and Twitter accounts saw a months-long build toward his eventual appearances on WWE Raw as a wrestler, and he posts videos of himself working out to keep fighting fit for Arrow on a semi-regular basis. He even rode the tide of his fans’ enthusiasm on social media to an appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers and has now set his sights on a Saturday Night Live hosting gig.

The occasional faux pas aside, Amell’s activity on social media has been particularly entertaining because it is clear that the actor himself is behind the posts rather than a publicist or assistant. The photo of himself as a kid wielding a bow – although it was probably not taken to threaten the photographer should the image have turned out blurry– was a fun find for his fans.

Although 1988 Stephen Amell was still a couple of decades away from winning his breakout role on Arrow, this picture really does give the sense that Amell was meant to take on the role of an archer extraordinaire. Arrow has been in a bit of hot water with the audience since the handling of Oliver’s baby mama drama in the Flarrow crossover, so this was exactly the kind of fluffy fare that we needed to forget about some of the missteps the show has seen recently.

Arrow airs its midseason finale on December 9 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.