See Friends' Courteney Cox And Matthew Perry Reunited For Go On

What would Chandler and Monica Bing look like if we saw the happy Friends couple today? Stars Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox answered that question by tweeting pictures of themselves together on the set of Perry's NBC comedy Go On, in which Cox is set to guest star.

Earlier this month, we leaned that Cox was set to reunite with Perry for an upcoming episode of the freshman comedy, playing a potential love interest to Matthew Perry.

EW posted both photos of the stars, which were tweeted by Cox and Perry. Here's one of them.

They still sort of look like a married couple, don't they?

Adorable. And familiar to those of us who enjoyed watching their Friends characters transition from friends to a romantic couple over the course of the 90s NBC comedy series' run. The show left off with the Bings married and starting a family as they moved off Manhattan and out to the suburbs to have their happily ever after. Considering Cox has her own comedy series, with Cougar Town airing on TBS these days, the odds that her character and Perry's Ryan King will find lasting love in Go On seem slim right now, but it'll be great to see them on screen together again. The episode is expected to air in April.

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