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See How Battlestar Galactica Looks Set To The Friends Theme Song

What would Battlestar Galactica look like if it were Friends instead? We'll never know, and it's nearly impossible to picture. The sci-fi drama was anything but a 90s sitcom. And yet, one clever fan managed to give us a glimpse of such a scenario by setting BSG clips to the Friends classic theme song "I'll Be There For You," by the Rembrandts.

Those of us familiar with the show likely recognize many, if not all of the scenes used in the video. The creator managed to find a number of rare fun and happy moments from the usually intense, suspenseful and dramatic mostly-space-set series to give the video a sitcom tone and almost make it look like the show centered on a bunch of friends living together on a space ship, playing cards and eating spaghetti. And Lee and Kara are clearly the Ross and Rachel of this show, but weren't they always?

This isn't the first time Battlestar Galactica has been merged with a sitcom in a viral video. Years ago, someone gave the sci-fi drama The Office treatment by setting clips from the show to The Office's theme song. Watch that below:

And you can see how The Office looks set to the Battlestar Galactica music here.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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