See The Walking Dead's Perfectly Creepy Comic-Con Booth

This article contains spoilers from The Walking Dead Season 5.

In years past, The Walking Dead has come to Comic-Con in San Diego dressed to impress in the form of an exhibit floor booth that offers some fun and scary photo opportunities for fans of the AMC zombie drama. Last year, TWD had fans walking through the terrifying tunnel from Season 4. This year, fans had the opportunity to pose with fully made up walkers in front of the revolving door. Yes, that revolving door.


If you need a refresher on how the revolving door was featured in The Walking Dead, the scene took place in “Spend” and involved Noah (Tyler James Williams) and Glenn (Steven Yeun) ending up trapped in one wedge of the door, while Nicholas (Michael Traynor) were on the opposite side, while a pack of walkers pressed up against both sides of the glass, threatening to turn the door and forcing the contents of one or the other human-inhabited wedges outside, while the other would be exposed to the walkers and most certainly devoured.


(Episode photo from The Walking Dead's "Spend")

Panicked and determined to escape, Nicholas forced his way outward, resulting in Glenn and Noah’s section of the door being pushed toward the walkers. Noah was grabbed and promptly torn apart by zombies while Glenn could do nothing but watch from the other side of the glass...


(Episode photo from The Walking Dead's "Spend")

Revolving doors are unnerving enough, but The Walking Dead took that to the next level with that Season 5 scene, so what better moment to showcase for the SDCC exhibit floor booth this year? And of course, they brought along a few creepy walkers to stare down the fans...


As you can see by the crowd of people around the booth, the display certainly wasn't scaring off the fans on Preview night…


In addition to the revolving doors, the booth also offered other things to see, like these melty zombies…


And a reminder that the Wolves aren’t far…


And that’s just the beginning for The Walking Dead at Comic-Con. The series will be featured in a panel in Hall H later this week, as will The Walking Dead spinoff Fear The Walking Dead. Speaking of which, the new AMC drama had its own display not far from the convention center. Get a peek at that after the jump…


Population is down.

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