Despite the fact that Charlie Sheen’s tiger blood spewing is seemingly over and the troubled star has receded back out of the limelight, Lionsgate TV is still moving ahead with his Anger Management television adaptation. Even though the stars days of trending are temporarily over, he should still be a pretty big draw since he was - I think - the main reason that Two and a Half Men was the number one comedy on the small screen. That’s not a statement of quality, although I do think Sheen has some impeccable comedy chops (Hot Shots people), but simply showing that no matter where the man lands or what he’s doing, an audience should follow.

Anger Management (loosely based on the Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson movie of the same name), in a smart move, will immediately differentiate and distance itself from Men by being populated mostly by female characters. And speaking of female co-stars, Deadline reports that four actresses are on the short-list for two of the series’ major roles. One of the parts up for grabs is the therapist, which is obviously the second most important piece of the puzzle since they will basically be sharing the lead with Sheen as well as function series primary love interest for his retired and anger baseball player (uh, Major League anyone?). In the running are Selma Blair, the current favorite, and Elaine Hendrix. Blair is a great actress and is capable of the kind of strong character needed to constantly combat with Sheen’s Charlie (think of her work in Hellboy) while Hendrix, also a seasoned TV veteran, has yet to land that first breakout role.

The other part that the series is close to casting is that of Charlie’s ex-wife and the two ladies who remain in the running are Shawnee Smith and Katie Reinders. Smith is no stranger to sitcoms having been on Becker for six years but you might also recognize her from her work in the Saw series. She is definitely capable of playing an antagonizing ex-wife (if that’s the kind of relationship we can expect). Reinders isn’t as accomplished as her competitor but she was cast as a lead on the now cancelled train wreck that was ABC’s Work It so she’s also perhaps right on the cusp of her first big role. After these parts are filled there still remains the crucial role of Charlie’s 13 year old daughter but no word on the perspective young actresses just yet.

Anger Management has received an initial ten episode season from Lionsgate TV and, if all goes well, FX will order ninety to be produced over the following two years. It would join other comedy greats like Archer, The League and, of course, It’s Always Sunny on the burgeoning network.

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