Most of us with fond memories of the long-running children’s series Sesame Street are familiar with Roscoe Orman’s version of Gordon Robinson, as he played the part of the friendly teacher since 1974. However before him, Hall Miller and Matt Robinson had the part. But the original Gordon, who appeared in an unaired pilot, is an unknown man that Sesame Street is trying to track down.

Sesame Street posted a request on their website, asking fans if they can help track down the original Gordon. The man (shown in the photo above or the video below), appeared in an unaired test pilot in 1969 for what went on to become Sesame Street. Gordon was since recast more than once and now, decades later, Sesame Street is trying to find the original Gordon. “We don't know who he is, and we'd like to figure it out. We've tried everything short of asking the Internet, and come up empty. So we're asking you for help.”

Here’s the video SS includes on their site, which features original-Gordon. The site doesn’t say who to contact if you know him (or are him), but here’s the link to the contact page on the site.

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