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It’s sad, but gay characters on television and movies are typically represented the same way: they’re flamboyant, they only like hanging out with women, their voices are high pitched and they love to do nothing but gossip and shop for clothes. Considering how progressive our society has become, it’s actually kind of pathetic. But that’s why we should be happy a character like Max, played by Adam Pally, on Happy Endings exists. While the character is gay, there are few who better represent the more slovenly, lazy, and apathetic members of our population . And it’s absolutely hysterical.

As I first wrote about on Monday, when I posted my interview with the lovely Casey Wilson (who plays Penny Hartz on the show), I recently had the chance to visit the set of Happy Endings and speak with a couple members of the cast. In preparation for tonight’s episode, here is my interview with the wonderful Adam Pally, who talks about the future of Max’s romantic life, how he picked the character back up after eight months off, and the dream partner for his character.

Where is Max at the start of this season?

Max is in the exact same place as he was last season, which is causing trouble in Boystown, Chicago.

Right now you’re shooting the sixth episode of season two, do you find that there’s been real development in the character so far this season?

Always. I think that every episode is about him developing further and you just have to find those moments that peak into it. And I think Max… I like showing Max’s more vulnerable side a lot, and I think you really get to see that in season two. And I think that that makes his more outlandish moments that much bigger and funnier.

From the relationship standpoint, is he still a free agent?

Max is a free agent and will be for some time because I think if anyone were to love Max he would lose respect for them instantly.

Do you ever want to see him settle into a real relationship?

Of course, of course! I think you want to see Max to meet someone the same way you’d want every other character to meet someone. But it’s super fun when he’s trying out everybody.

If you had to choose, who would be your potential dream beau for Max? An actor that you’d particularly love to see Max end up with.

Reverend Al Sharpton. I would love to see Reverend Al Sharpton play a love interest. Maybe he’s a Baptist minister and Max goes into some service and loves the way that they preach and goes born again forever in Al Sharpton.

How much time was there between the filming of the last episode of season one and the first episode of season two?

A long time, about eight months. So it was a long time of not knowing if we had a job, or what was going on. But I think the fact that we were able to come back and pick up so strong is a testament to the cast and the writers, everything.

Was it a challenge picking it up again after that long a break?

No, it was not. I was a little nervous before our first table read because I just hadn’t read Max in like eight months. But then the first script came in and the writing was so strong and you just sort of felt it was super easy to slide back in.

So as long as the character stays consistent…

Kind of. You can kind of bring back your Chicago accent and then it all goes from there.

I’ve been wondering this for a while, but we’ve never seen Max in a job environment. How was he paying rent before Dave moved in?

Brad. Brad was paying for him.

And do we get to see any movement on the job front this season?

A lot of movement. A big part of season two will be dedicated towards Max finding employment.

What kind of jobs are we talking about?

Well, Max will only be his own boss, so any entrepreneurial venture Max will do.

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