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Showtime continues to remind us that their comedy series Shameless is set to return for its second season this January. The network released another trailer for Season 2, which once again shows off some of the ridiculous antics the Gallaghers will be up to when summer gets going this winter.

Shameless is based on a British series, and follows a lower class family living in Chicago. Starring William H. Macy and Emmy Rossum, the series toes the line between drama and comedy as this family has a tendency to use less than moral (or legal) means to get by. Season 2 premieres this winter, but will see the Gallaghers battling the heat through the summer.

The video below isn’t all that different from the first teaser Showtime released for Season 2, as we see the Gallaghers getting up to some ridiculous shenanigans. Although, I think this one’s a bit more cartoonish, between the music and the almost complete lack of dialogue.

Did I see a bunch of empty beer bottles in that play-pen?

Shameless returns for Season 2 January 2012 on Showtime.