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There's a lot going down with Simon Cowell's attempt to bring The X Factor to American television. It seems like every week since the show was announced another tidbit of information or show alteration comes out... like hiring and firing Cheryl Cole (which resulted in her also losing her judging gig in the U.K.). Yeah, not much of the news thus far has been promising, however today we get something a little more uplifting...democratic even.

AolTV reports that The X Factor will now extend their participant search to include the internet. Yes, in an almost no-brainer move, the talent search reality show will let potential contestants audition via a brand new YouTube Channel since many are unable to make it to the designated audition cities. Kelly reported some time ago on how the American convert opened up "speakers-corner" mobile studios to ensure that more would have access to the audition process, and it's nice to see that philosophy being expanded even further to include absolutely everyone with the desire to try out.

Now, there are some rules, as with any contest, which are clearly outlined during the YouTube audition process. The video should be two minutes (including a brief intro) with a song sung a capella. So, do you have that x factor? Best ready your pipes (and tubes).

AolTV caught up with Simon Cowell, the show's producer, and he had this to say:

"I'm really happy we are launching auditions through YouTube," Simon Cowell said in a statement. "There is a lot of great talent online now, and especially young kids today are using YouTube to get themselves seen and heard. It's very easy, and it is $5 million after all! I'm very excited to see the auditions that might come through this."